We are Agents of Change
We are Agents of Change

Listing # DLT06800

Asking Price $1.3 Million

Turn this 7 Acres into  travel centre, Diesel, Gas, C-Store & Gaming.

Great opportunity for Truck Terminal owners, right off I-94 and Dolton Road exit, 7 acres land with 12,614 sq. Ft. building. Building construction cost in today's market $1,009,120 plus 7 acres land value is? Don't wait if you are in the trucking business don, t look anything else. Owner is relocating. Seller asking only land and building price this month to month parking income is coming free.

150 trucks parking lot, currently 130 trucks park month to month and they pay $150/truck.  $270,000/year income.   

Parking lot is filled every day, 130 parking available and 80% occupied month to month basis. 12,614 sq. ft. building can be converted into Truck repair shop and wash, Travel Stop, sell Diesel, Gas & Gaming.

Under devolpment site in Addison IL

Site under development offering construction price "Equity will be yours"

Highway exit, redevelopment site, call for details
Gallons Projection 145,000/month with 20 cents margin
C-Store Projection over $90,000/month 
Domino's approved and projection is over $45,000 
All permits approved from zoning, contractor ready to start construction anytime. 
Today as is project if you buy $650,000 
add development cost 900,000. 
Your total cost will be $1,550,000 
Site evaluation is over 2.2 million

Highly Confidential site please have your funds ready before you call us.
Minimum cash injection will be $500,000 rest will be loan. 
Bank also offered approval.

SHELL Station in East Peoria (Under Contract)

Listing # 2019EP

Asking Price $249'000 

Address 220 E Washington Peoria IL 61611

Property Tax: $3249 (

Lot Dimensions 164'X60'

2 Mechanic Bays  Vacant

Supply agreement n/a


No brand, the store is closed, 2 bay shop can be rent for $2000/month. 2357 Sq.ft. Building. Fiber Glass Tanks,.No Supply agreement.

Located on a busy street, the Owner past away, sales data not available. Serious inquiry required with proof of funds or pre-approval letter required. Seller is not interested in a lease or lease to buy option.

Seller financing available with $150,000 down payment. if you make a full offer then the seller will give this station in working mode, if you do not make a full offer then as is. where is a basis. 

Shell Station in Park Ridge IL

Listing # 2019 PR

Asking Price $975'000 Plus Inventory

Address 1200 W Touhy Park Ridge IL 

Property Tax: $27'230 (2017)

Lot Dimensions 125X125

Mechanic Bays leaseback $3000/month

Supply agreement 13 years left


Shell Brand High Gallons. 2 Bay shop can be lease back for $3000/month. 1383 Sq.ft. Building with the 125X125 lot. Fiber Glass Tanks installed 1970,79 & 98. Supply agreement 13 years left & $0.03 OTR MPQ, Required $1'134'000 yearly Gallons.

Located on a busy street, long term ownership, sales data will be available to review in our office only. Serious inquiry required with proof of funds or pre-approval letter required.

Steal Deal in Mundelein IL

Listing # 201849

Asking Price $750'000 Plus Inventory

Address 4 E Hawley Road. Mundelein IL

Property Tax: $26'230 (2017)

Lot Dimensions 159'X150'

Carwash running $2000/Month sales

Supply agreement Consignment 6 cents/gallon.

Steal Deal Mobil Running Station with Carwash and with Property.

Tenants will be out before closing, their gas supply agreement is on consignment 8 cents per gallon or can be rack price. Gallons are 40'000/month, Car washes $2000/M, lottery $30'000/M and C-Store 12000/day. Seller installed all new pumps with POS System total cost is $120'000 in 2015 invoices available. This will be an opportunity for developers to rebuild this site with another $600'000 renovation and bring franchise food inside. Broker projection: After the renovation site will do $80'000 C-Store and 70'000 gallons with an 18 cents margin. Your total project cost will be $1'300'000. Not bad this type of store in the market sells for over 2 million with the property. 2800 sq.ft building, no competition, add a pizza or Mexican food then you will be surprised. A dry city no gas station can sell alcohol.

If you assume the supply agreement seller will give the buyer's $50'000 credit in the closing, PRICE is FIRM.


Near Jacksonville IL 

Listing # 012019

Asking Price $250'000 Plus Inventory ($50'000 down payment rest seller will finance)

Address 405 W. Elm Street Waverly, IL 62692 

The appraisal came in 2015 $350'000

Sales are $55'000 C-Store 

Gallons 40'000

Opportunity for a couple, save $70'000 payroll just work 8hrs each person plus other profit $36'000/year, this is $100'000 per year take home. No future competition recession-proof business,  top of that if you are creative and aggressive another $50'000 business is sitting inside a store to grow. 

The nice town only 2 stations serving 1400 populated town,  since the last 100 years the same demographics. 6-10 operation. IGB Gaming license is available expected income $3000-4000/month. 

Call for details. 

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