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Listing # ROMA 2.0

Highly Confidential C-store with Gas 

At this moment we can say location 30 min. from Oak Brook IL. (Not Cook County)

Asking Price is $1,950,000

Absentee ownership since 2011-Now (40% more growth opportunity available for owner operators, full "LIQUOR LICENSE" available in city.  

C-store $800,000/yr.

Full Liquor License available in the city for new owner and sale projection is $20,000-30,000/month. 

Gallons 1 million a year.

Lottery only commission $30,000/year

Gas Rebate is $30,000/year

Atm $5000/year

New owner loan payment will be under $10,000/month @ 6% for 20 years after 25% down.

Property tax can be paid by yearly gasoline rebate. 

16 hrs operation.

Daily traffic 36,000/day

Signed NDA & proof of funds required please e-mail us your request at info@rjcommercial.com 

Rate of return as Real Estate investors who want to hold only real estate and pay CASH, almost 11% return. Landlord will not have any expense to hold this property. 

Listing # AAA 1

Highly Confidential C-store with Gas 

At this moment all we can tell location in hr. from Aurora IL.

Asking Price is $1,950,000

C-store 1.9 Million/yr.
Gas Profit $4000/month
Lottery only commission $5000/month
Atm $2500/month
Gross Profit is $50,000/month
Your loan payment will be $10,000 including Tax and insurance.
Rate of return as investor with NO LOAN 15%. If you pay all cash to buy this business.

Listing # AAA 2

Asking $1,200,000 (land,building,business & 2 Mechanic bays)

Location Park Ridge IL.

PLEASE WHEN YOU VISIT THIS LOCATION DO NOT DISTURB EMPLOYEES REGARDING THE SALES. Gallons are 65'000/month with 40 cents margin and C-store is $500/Day with 40% margin, do your own math, 2 Bays can go for rent tomorrow and lease is on sellers table. 26,400 VPD, 3 STATIONS ARE SIDE BY SIDE NO ONE CAN HOLD MORE THAN 8 CARS AT A TIME, TO DO 100,000 GALLON ALL YOU NEED 264 CARS/DAY OUT OF 26,400 CARS. Remember! this is absentee ownership, owner operator can do little better.

Asking Price $1'350'000

Now it is Shell Brand for next 10 years. 3 cents Rebate.

Located in Palatine IL. (Please do not visit site without listing agent).

Running station, No liquor or beer; absentee ownership and gallon are 62,000/month with 35 cents margin ($21,000) Gross profit, C-store Projection is over million a year, real across the street 711 in a strip mall without gas does over 2 million is c-store sale and bad in/out. This site is morning traffic, with 3 sides entrance. l financials will be shown in office after buyers approval from bank to capable to buy this location: Fiberglass tanks and new pumps; over 1800 sq:ft: store with almost & acre land; area comps are only 1 acre land for sale is seven hundred thousand: Only serious buyers please:

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