We are Agents of Change
We are Agents of Change

How We Operate

We aren't like the rest of them out there


We are very prompt in answering your calls. We understand that in today’s society, time is valuable, and we value yours. Your investment is our responsibility and we try to help you in making the right decisions. Additionally, you can trust us with our 30 years of sales experience and 11 years in selling commercial business. We are here for you.


When we list your business, we, along with the bank, review your financials. The bank decides how much they can offer in terms of loans. After that, we take you from there and show you your next step in selling a property. We only act in your best interest.

Our Mission

Our goal? To serve you. The moment you make that call, we are devoted to spending your time as efficiently as possible. You are our priority, and we want to see you succeed.

Our Policies

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Proof of funds are REQUIRED when you inquire or call about any business


We evaluate buyers and make sure your confidential listing is treated that way.  We enforce nondisclosure agreements before delivering any information.  We do not release any financial information that is not to be disclosed.  We require financial net worth statements before any type of financial discussion begins.  We understand your concerns with public listings and will prevent any form of "window shopping" on your listing.



- All of the seller's business financials will only be provided through the seller’s attorney to the buyer’s attorney
- For any financial questions, please inquire with the buyer's and seller’s accountants or attorneys
- We will provide you with property Information once you sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement with PROOF OF FUNDS.
- All escrow deposits, will be held by the attorneys or title company

Contact Info

R&J Commercial Real Estate Inc

200 S Frontage Road. Suite 316

Burr Ridge IL 60527


Phone: 630-808-6637

Fax: 815-461-1292



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We HAVE sold over $300 Million in businesses Alone

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Connect with us on Social Media!

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